Who Is Metal Gear?

Metal Gear was started out of a personal love for the modern firearm and all things NFA.  We are a small company in Tupelo, Missisippi that has worked with network of dealers and customers in the firearms industry since 2008.  In the past year we have decided to formalize our operations and expand our sales both regionally as well as online. 

 While our goal is to keep NFA items in stock at all times, supply and demand issues may cause inventory to fluctuate as those of you with NFA item experience can attest.  We also plan to keep other non-NFA items in stock such as AR-15 parts and accessories.  Please feel free to drop us an email at any time for inventoy or preorder questions at sales@metalgearllc.com

 If you have a specific request or have a question the best way to communicate with us is through our email.  sales@metalgearllc.com

 Currently the lines of supressors we have  the best access to are as follows:

  • Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC)
  • Gemtech
  • YHM
  • Silencerco
  • Liberty
  • Surfire
  • Knight's Armament

Currently the lines of Firearms we have  the best access to are as follows:

  • Knight's Armament
  • LWRC
  • Noveske
  • Many others are avalible as well, such as Colt, DPMS, FN, Rock River Arms.....

Due to the extreme demand in the marketplace we are recommending our clients allow us to place an order for their firearms directly with the manufacturer for them.  Many of our manufactures are telling us they are 60-180 days out on new firearm orders.