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LWRC M6A2 SPR 16.1" "Basic Model"


Product Description

We currently sell all models of LWRC Rifles and are taking orders for future delivery.  Please email sales@metalgearllc.com for a quote.

We are taking pre-orders on the M6A2 SPR and are placing orders weekly.  The current wait time is around 18 weeks.  ALL ORDERS THROUGH OUR SITE WILL BE FOR THE M6A2 SPR 16.1" IN BALCK ONLY.

The Basic Model will come standard with an M4 Stock, A2 Grip, and ARMS sights.  The only difference in this gun and the regular model is the furniture and the price.  All other parts are the same.  This is the best deal on an SRS you will find.

for those of you that would like to add your own custom Stock, Grip, and Sights this gun is definately the way to go.

After purchacing please send acopy of your dealer's FFL to sales@metalgear.com and reference your order number.

The new LWRC International Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is the epitome of a well-balanced and fast pointing tactical carbine. The rifle uses a lightweight sculpted rail derived from our REPR platform. The SPR-MOD rail, at 12” in length, is 33% longer than our Mark II-B rail, but incredibly is still 5% lighter. The cold hammer forged barrel is spiral fluted prior to being treated with our NiCorr surface conversion process. The spiral fluting shaves 20% of the weight off the barrel and relieves the longitudinal stresses that can cause the stringing seen in conventionally fluted barrels. The weight reduction in the front end and the svelte wrist of the user configurable rail, make for an incredibly well balanced rifle.
The SPR features our enhanced fire control group. The fire control group, the bolt carrier and the bolt are all coated in our proprietary nickel coating that promotes permanent lubricity and allows the operator to run the gun nearly dry when the situation requires it. The piston system is our mid-length system, which provides a more direct recoil impulse for faster follow-up shots.

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